Agree to Disagree

It has been two years since I last posted. I’m going to be going through some of the archives of my computer and posting things I have written over the years. Hope we can get re-acquainted.

Got real, real mad yesterday. An emotion I am not oft to let myself get wrapped up in. I’m a pretty peaceable person. I’m tolerant. I accept that people will come to the table with opposing views and I try my darnedest to adopt a loving, graceful attitude towards others.

And then someone comes to table slamming their fists down and demanding that everyone else accept their beliefs at whatever expense. They try to turn the tables over (often thinking they are modeling the behavior of Jesus in the temple… but that’s a conversation for another post). They want to deny others access to the table and then are stunned when others call them unloving and non-accepting. They even cry out about the injustice of being asked to listen to the feelings and experiences of others.

I really hate using “us vs. they/them” language, but I absolutely want to be distinguished from that brand of Christianity. I absolutely want to welcome everybody until the table is groaning under the weight that the beauty of diversity holds. I want to hear their stories and tell my own so that we can get wrapped up in something better than hatred and disconnection- commonality, understanding, respect, care, etc.

I can agree to disagree all day long, but I will not agree to the dehumanization of others. I won’t agree to the denial of access to basic rights and resources. I just can’t.


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