I shared this link two years ago and it set off a chain of events that ended with me being asked to step down from a leadership position that I loved for reasons I am still struggling to understand/accept. Unfortunately, people didn’t make it past the title to read the message. A message that calls the church to show compassion and love for everyone regardless of… anything.

I’m not trying to spark a debate about whether or not it’s okay to be gay. I know that there are some that really struggle with this topic for different reasons. I’ve come to my conclusion after years of working it out as authentically as I could. What I do know is that the statistics of lgbt people committing suicide are too painfully high for us not to find a way to embody the hope and love that Christ offers.

“It is my prayer that we can all try to have a Christ-like attitude while on this earth. We, as Christians, must let the Holy Spirit lead us to find ways to reach out to all people regardless of our differences because I truly believe it is the right thing to do. I am convinced that is what Jesus would do.”


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