9 Things I Want to Share With You

(2) One of my favorite people reading an essay she wrote about her tumultuous relationship with faith. Wish you could hear more clearly. Beth is legit. Some would even say to the extent that she is incapable of quitting. Bam.
(3) This video that makes me want to write everyone I love a letter telling them what they mean to me. Maybe I will just stick with a group text. That’s meaningful, right?
(4) Mr. Rogers. Always Mr. Rogers.
(5) Restore your faith in humanity here.
(6) Do you know who David Rakoff is? You probably should.
(7) Insert laugther here.
(8) Humans of New York. How have I only just discovered this website? You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it will move you, etc.
(9) This Bon Iver mashup album.

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