The Things That Matter…

Here’s what matters:

The way we love each other. How we show care.

Hoping. Always hoping. Even in pitch black, starless night seasons. We hold to the belief that hope begins in the dark.

Taking uncalculated, foolish risks because everything worth doing was once thought to be a foolish risk. We don’t wait for people to understand or we will end up standing around with our hands in our pockets until unnecessary approval is dispensed.

Forgiving even when their anger turns to violence. Even when they only show a profound hatred towards us. We forgive. Because forgiveness is a cleansing water that keeps our souls from hardening and a soap that keeps our hearts from collecting the grime and grit of repeated rejection.

Being places of refuge, spaces for healing. Fighting against injustice, not because we are obligated but because our liberation is bound up with theirs.

Moving slowly even when our society demands that we go-go-go, accomplish, achieve, never stop and let it sink into your skin. Taking time to value things for their present goodness, good presence.

Living in community. Deeply rooted. Wholly emersed. Selfessness.

Grace. Peace. Joy. Patience. Fruits of the Spirit abounding. Christ revealed.

These are the things that matter.


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