I am trying to find a safe space, I have been trying to find my home, I am searching for the spot between isolated and overwhelmed, I am hoping for a family made up of wondering wanderers, I am thinking about where I will belong and who I will belong to, I am opening up my heart, I am asking her to come in, I am picking up the pieces, I am sewing them into a thick blanket, I am giving up my need to be anonymous, I am fighting for something I want to have/love one day, I am taking up residence in the middle of an ocean, I am swimming into its waters, I am diving into its depths, I am finding an identity and I am tattooing it on my collar bone and on the soles of my feet, I am pressing my palms against walls and I am holding my ear up to them and I am listening for my name, I am on the mend, I am being honest, I am carving authenticity into my cheeks, I am screaming into night skies, I am reclaiming my faith, I am forgiving, I am forgetting, I am inertia, gravity, momentum, kinetic, electric, I am hope, I am hoping.


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