It’s A Brand New Day

If the song from “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog” came into your head, I can tell we are gonna be good friends.

I’m new to tumbling* so hopefully my initial transitional period will be smooth as butter. Or silk. I’m not comfortable talking about baby’s asses so we will leave that metaphor at home.

Me: I am a closeted Christian lesbian working in the field of higher education. I want to utilize this blog to share articles of interest, convey my thoughts, post some recreational writing and otherwise document my journey to “closet proofing” my life. The last one is the scariest and most delicate purpose of this endeavor but my hope is that it will be helpful to any readers out there struggling to live honestly in a hostile/complicated environment. In summation: I am a closet case in transition to being “out” and I hope to share that journey with as much honesty and respect as I can muster.

Right now, I am attending a Christian institution- finishing up my masters. I have attended this school for many moons, beginning with my undergrad. During my tenure, I have served in various student leadership positions and even transitioned post-undergraduate into full-time employment in an office here on campus. Within the past two years I began to process my sexuality within the context of a safe counseling relationship and have realized that I am, by all accounts, of the same-sex attracted persuasion. My campus is not affirming at all and so I have had to move through this process cautiously and very secretively. More about that journey later.

Welp- I think that about sums up things on my end. I look forward to tumbling in the future.




* I imported my tumblr account into this blog, so any references to tumblr that you might see come from that.


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